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Diwali, a four-day New Year festival.60 Some Muslims joined the Hindu community in celebrating Diwali in the Mughal era.Sikhism edit Main article: Bandi Chhor Divas Sikhs celebrate Bandi Chhor Divas in remembrance of the release of Guru Hargobind from the Gwalior Fort prison by the Mughal emperor, Jahangir, and the day he arrived at the Golden Temple in Amritsar.

  • short essay on diwali in gujarati language

    Short essay on diwali in gujarati language

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    Diwali essay in english

    people made merry. Many people host house parties on this day. Family members spend their most of the day time in preparing house (cleaning, decorating, etc) to

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    Diwali essay in hindi 100 words

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