WhatHour: an energy saving app for the home

The ask

Design a mobile experience that will motivate someone to set and meet goals relating to energy use. You can assume that the mobile app has access to the user’s energy usage data: how much energy they use hourly, daily, monthly.

Your deliverable

Wireframe sketches of the mobile experience, any other sketches you’d like to include to convey your idea. We expect this to take no longer than 3-4 hours, and we’ll use your work as a starting point for a design brainstorm with someone on our team.

My Approach

  • Ask users to set a goal: then choose a very easy way to accomplish it. Goals should be of 2-3 levels of ambition. Real goal is permanent change of behaviour, so reinforcement and retention is key.
  • Dont demand people buy anything until top level goal.
  • Organize adjustments into home functions: so person in charge of clothes washing can control process around washer/dryer etc.
  • Offer tips for home adjustment from real life
  • Allow users to see if they are on track whenever they want, even if it is too soon to see data.
  • Create award at the end, animation or easter egg.