E-commerce Kiosk for IOS

Art.com were pitching a collaboration with Bed Bath and Beyond regarding an in-store kiosk that would help customers choose wall decor. 

  • Art.com had an existing IOS app that had been used in the pop-up retail location. Initially the plan was to mildly modify this app for Bed Bath and Beyond.
  • Internal staff convinced the leadership at Art.com to create a new experience for Bed Bath and Beyond. Along with a Paul Grueber as Product Manager, I began drafting this experience.
  • For the new app, I assumed that we could extract existing merchendizing themes from Bed Bath and Beyond, similar to the "Coastal Living" group of products they were marketing.
  • An Art.com technology project based in color science was a good fit for a filtering experience. 
  • An early requirement was to make the Ipad the hands-on filtering experience, with selection results shown on a larger screen in front of the user.