E-commerce for IOS

Art.com launched a new product line of peel-and-stick image prints called SwitchArt. It offers users a quick way to update their wall decor using magnetic prints. 

  • In October, work begins on an IOS app meant to simultaneously market SwitchArt and a new bundle purchase type called "Packs". The app was to be released in early December, so turnaround was quick. 
  • Given the novel product, user product literacy will be non-existent. The app will need to quickly educate and entice users.
  • This version of the product will be using customers' own photos. The assumed user is a Mom changing out the images of her family in her home.  
  • An existing Art.com IOS app and a competing product are selected to provide reference and recycled code for the project.
  • I designed the UI to closely resemble Apple's IOS, hoping to save development time and to reassure with a familiar interface
  • The app shipped in Early December and was in the App Store on December 6th, 2014. It was Featured in the App Store under "Best New Apps "in January of 2015.